After 20 years of working in I.T., I had enough….

I’m here to help.

Hey there, I’m Steve Friedlander, and I’m the driving force behind Div3rgent Creative. After spending a solid two decades in the IT world, I felt the itch for something more meaningful. I wanted to put my techie skills to use in a way that could genuinely help folks grow their businesses and in turn, improve their lives and those of their families.
So, Div3rgent Creative came to life. It’s not your typical company with a run-of-the-mill backstory. Nope, it’s the result of me stepping away from the tried-and-true and venturing into the exciting unknown. My goal? To blend my technical know-how with a creative touch, all aimed at giving businesses the tools they need to soar.
Here’s the deal: success isn’t just about dollars and cents. It’s about making a real impact. That’s why Div3rgent Creative isn’t just about making things look good on the surface. It’s about diving deep into the tech realm, coming up with smart strategies, and using innovation to push businesses forward. Together, we’re not just writing a new chapter for businesses; we’re rewriting the entire book on growth and success. So, join me at Div3rgent Creative, and let’s create a future where technology expertise meets limitless imagination.

-Steve Friedlander, Founder & Digital Solutionist

What Services Do We Offer?

By keeping all your services under one platform, you could save hundreds or thousands a year!

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